GeMA system comprises an elegant tablet with meeting room management software on it, as well as stylish mount brackets that can be tailored to suit your office design.

Immediate, up-to-the-minute room availability information.

GeMA allows you to see easily whether a meeting room is in use or available - no more fighting over meeting rooms in your company's office or shared space. GeMA's sleek design will suit any office design and will make the use of meeting rooms in your shared space more efficient and transparent. GeMA is a user friendly appointment scheduling software that helps you manage your meeting rooms more efficiently while providing the opportunity to impress your visitors and increase your company profile.
Our efficiency suite of systems includes GeMA (Room management system), EVA (visitor management system) and SARA (resource management system)

Maximise meeting room resources

Why use Designertech's business efficiency products?

They are stylish and elegant and will enhance your brand

They are simple to order, install, customise and use

They just work…beautifully!


Introducing GeMA

GeMA's user friendly interface shows your meeting room availability using intuitive colour schemes that your meeting attendants will appreciate. Ideal for use in a shared space, virtual office or other offices with meeting rooms.
Simple and Flexible

Allows you to pre-book, book on demand and set up recurring meetings.

Easy Interface

Experience fast, simple, intuitive touch screen technology.

GeMA is an easy to use appointment scheduling software acts as a meeting planner for your meeting attendants. Ideal for use in offices with meeting rooms, shared spaces, virtual offices or conferences.
Professional Image

The sleek and stylish display unit enhances the visual appearance of your meeting room area


GeMA is a simple to use room scheduling software that can help you run your shared space or any other office with meeting rooms more efficiently. GeMA acts as a meeting planner, appointment scheduling software or online booking system for meeting attendants.

How does GeMA help your business?

  • GeMA Maximises use of meeting room resources
  • GeMA provides immediate information regarding room availability
  • GeMA eliminates conflicting room bookings
GeMA is the perfect appointment scheduling software for shared space, large offices or smaller companies with meeting rooms.

Flexible booking using meeting planner

  • Pre-booking function
  • Ad-hoc booking
  • Recurring meeting
  • All types of meeting room bookings easily catered for
Use GeMA as part of your appointment scheduling software integrated with your current silution, or use it as a standalone meeting room management system to increse efficiency, transparency and communication of your staff and visitors.

Fast and Simple

  • Innovative touch screen technology
  • The simplicity of the online booking system allows you to create instant bookings from your computer or meeting room.
  • Links your reception and Outlook and enables interdepartmental communication.
GeMA is a meeting management system that helps you optimise the use of your meetings rooms or shared space by acting as a meeting planner for meeting attendants


  • The look, feel and functionality can be tailored to your organisation

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